My unusual approach to still life oil painting focuses on detailed rendering of mechanical forms. I draw comparisons between rudimentary weapons and old photographic tools with an emphasis on segmented components and numeric impressions. My rigid compositions are based on a grid which reflects the geometric structure of these forms. Devoid of narrative traces or subjectivity, I emphasize their collective historical realization and development. In addition, my prominent inclusion of manufacturer serial numbers indicate simultaneous repetition and uniqueness.

I am fascinated by the concept of spatial domination. My painting has developed in both theme and process from this notion. My subjects use mathematical calculations to capture and control space. Both tools can reach their targets from great distances. The camera is enabled by various lenses to capture and define space, while weapons dominate space by launching projectiles. Thus, these devices allow for intimacy and distance to coexist. This illustration provides a metaphor for viewing my work. I employ a graphic framework that stretches to every edge of the canvas and paint precise detail and tonal nuances to suggest volume. In this way, the subjects dominate your field of vision. Observers should enjoy my work from multiple perspectives, between its massive sculptural illusion to a use of meticulous and active brushwork.